What is Ethos?

Ethos is SSQRD’s first product. It's a movement aimed at breaking down the barriers created by traditional corporations. By leveraging innovative technology, Ethos is designed to empower small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, offering them the tools to compete on a level playing field. Our platform is built on the principles of fairness, transparency, and community and empowerment.

SSQRD’s Mission

Our mission is to dismantle the influence of faceless corporations and redistribute power back to the people. We envision a world where commerce is not dominated by a handful of giants but is woven by the dreams and hard work of ordinary people. Through our innovative products, crafted with the needs of the community in mind, we aim to ignite a revolution in how business is done—one that is for the people, by the people.

The Goal of Ethos

Ethos aims to contribute to the cessation of the occupation in Israel by strategically impacting its financial underpinnings. By providing a platform that diverts resources and attention from entities that support the occupation, Ethos empowers individuals to make informed choices that align with their values.